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Instructions are the same if you are preparing for your professional spray tanning session or an at home session.  

-Wait at least 6 hours before you shower, if you can wait 8-10 hours, that's ideal.
-The topical color can rub off a little bit on your clothes or sheets until you take your first shower, but washes out.  Just be careful with special fabrics or unique bathing suits.  It's best to wear dark, loose clothing after your tanning session.  
-You can wear whatever you want during the tan, most people just wear bottoms.
-You won't want to exercise, sweat or do dishes in the hours after your tanning session.  These activities can cause your tan to drip or wash off on certain areas.  
-To prepare for your tan, it's best to come showered, shaved and exfoliated. At least 8 hours before your tan. Not immediately before. If you have remaining spray tan on you, you can either scrub it off, or we can spray over it if it has faded nicely.
- When shaving before your tan, be sure to use a razor with a small or no moisturizing strip, as that can leave an oily residue on your skin and prevent the solution from fully developing.


-The best way to keep your tan lasting as long as possible is to keep your skin well moisturized.  
-Don't use products with Alpha Hydroxy Acids, these products exfoliate the skin and will make your tan fade faster. 
-Long hot baths and chlorine in pools will cause your skin to exfoliate faster.

Time to flaunt your gorgeous tan!